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Portraits from the Lab: Introducing Zerihun Kinate

Zerihun A. Kinate is PhD student in political science and public policy at the University of Toronto. He is currently planning to pursue a collaborative specialization with the Harney Program in Ethnic, Immigration, and Pluralism Studies. Zerihun's current research focuses on the political economy of conflicts, democratization, nation-building, post-conflict reconstruction, political development in countries of the Horn of Africa, and much more.

Zerihun holds a masters degree in peace and conflict studies from the University of Waterloo. Zerihun also researches and engages in social justice and policy advocacy projects in relation to forced migration, immigration policy and multiculturalism and the role of diaspora and transnational communities in Canada. He also took master’s degree courses in international relations in Kyoto, Japan. Zerihun completed his B.A. in political science and international relations from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

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